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weight loss scam

The Indian health supplement market is very much unregulated. There is virtually no way to find out any viable information which can help us identify the dodgy products. Legal shortcomings are additional reasons which is why India sees so many weight loss product scams. The problem is on the rise. It’s because this is a grey market. The Government is really not bothered to crack down the unauthorized drug and supplement dealers. By the time the food and drug regulatory authority comes into action, cheat suppliers make the money through scams and find out ways to escape the legal penalties.


There can be two types of risks when you go to buy the weight loss products. There will be duplicate products, which will be replicas of an existing well known product. They will never have the same impressive effects as the original one. And there will also be new clinically unproven products, which will make false weight loss promises to mislead the consumers. Anyway, you still have few ways to understand which weight loss product seems original, and which is not. These are small tips which will help you differentiate the good product from the bad ones. Here are the tips to identify which are weight loss scams –


(a)  Take a Look At the Product’s Official Website

Most supplements are either sold online or through late night TV commercials. Never buy a product immediately from a website or a supplier which aggressively promotes it. If a product campaign ad sounds too pushy, stay away from that. The moment you come across a TV commercial or a new weight loss supplement online, try to get the link or information about the official website. Study the website. Look at the type and depth of information displayed on the site.

Most vague product websites will never have in detailed information like who the manufacturer is, all information about the manufacturer, how the product is so different from the similar category products, if the ingredients and the product formula are scientifically approved for human use, signs and symptoms to notice while taking the supplement, whom to contact if certain side effects are noticed, etc. This is why it’s very important that you visit the official website of the company before you decide to buy it.


(b)  Try to Buy the Products From the Official Website, Not Any Other Supplement Promoting Sites

Always buy a product from the official website rather than from any random drug and supplement selling website. This is important because the official websites are most likely to sale the original products. They should also have information about whom to contact if any symptoms of side effects are found. The chances of product and consumer safety increase in this case. On the contrary, the fake websites selling scam products will look dodgy. If you buy products from there, they might not give you the final delivery in some cases.


(c)   Always Check If the Product Label Mentions the ingredients and Their Proportions Clearly

This is another way to track the fake or scam products. Product packaging or labels should have a visible list of ingredients and their concentrations used. This will help you do a research on your own. If you’re convinced to buy a weight loss product, first go to the pharmacy or the chemist, take a look at the product label and note down the ingredients. Do an online research to find out which ingredients are used to address which particular concern. If you find out the product doesn’t contain the recommended concentration of the ingredient, or encourages a higher dose than the recommended one, immediately discard it from your list.


(d)  Try to Find Out Supportive Evidences Like Clinical Studies

Investigation is important before you make a purchase. Try to find out educational information. Look for libraries, research materials like research results published in Journals, reports from the researchers and Government agencies to find out how reliable is the weight loss product.

(e)  Research Company Information Thoroughly

What you do when you first go to buy a cosmetic product? Don’t you buy them according to the brand or manufacturer preference? If the product manufacturer is a reliable, established company, it definitely will leave all viable company information in the advertisements or marketing campaigns. Make a note of the full address, telephone number and contact person of the company so that you can approach them if any product fault or side effects are found. So, the first sign of a genuine weight loss product is that it will have the contact of the company in the label.


(f)    Never Rely on The Free Weight Loss Drug or Supplement Samples

We never prefer the companies that promote products through free samples. Never try the free samples to judge the actual quality of a product. Remember, the quality of the product sold to you can be different from the free samples you were given to try. It can be a simple trap to influence your buying behavior. So be smart and don’t fall for any unbelievable product promotion offers.


(g)  Try to Confirm Which Botanical Part Has Been Used in the Herbal Supplements?

The weight loss herbal products, which are made of botanical substances must have plant parts which are clinically proven to be helpful for human use. If a manufacturer claims that its product is made of the entire plant, it’s definitely a scam.


(h)  Avoid Products Claiming Miracle Cures

If a weight loss supplement seems unbelievably good, such as miracle cure, it’s most likely to be a fake product. Exaggerated promotions are the first sign that it’s not a reliable product. Be aware of promotions which say “breakthrough product”, “new discovery”, or something like “secret ingredient”,etc.


(i)    Consult Your Health Supervisor to Confirm the Brand

This is another safe way to find out if the product you’re thinking of using is safe or not. If your health supervisor is not aware of the brand, he/she might tell you about the things you must look for in a good supplement. They will also be able to tell you if it will be good to take the supplement according to your current medical condition. If a manufacturer is selling a scam weight loss product, it will never disclose safety information or warn consumers about it.

Our last tip would be trying only one product at a time. Never start too many supplements simultaneously. This will confuse you, and can also trigger side effects. If you experience conditions like sleeplessness, nausea, vomiting, rash or constipation while taking the supplement, stop using it immediately. It’s a poor quality or fake product.

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