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Top 5 Home Based Remedies for Weight Loss

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Weight loss will take complete dedication, willpower and sacrifices. We say this because you may have to stop doing many things which you love to do usually. We explained the top 5 home based remedies for weight loss below. Additionally, you’ll also get to know what common problems you may have to encounter when you try to shed off weight naturally. But believe us, there is hard work behind every success. Nothing great can be achieved without an honest hard work and dedication. So when you follow these tips, maintain consistency and start enjoying your changes, you actually see the difference.


  1. 1) Start Your Day With a Green Tea

130429114739-large(a) Green Tea Benefits

A good quality green tea can help you control your appetite, give you energy, improve the digestive system, remove toxins from the body. All this will be required for weight loss. The moment you wake up in the morning, have green tea in empty stomach.

(b)  How it Tastes?

If you never had green tea earlier, you will take time to develop the taste. Frankly speaking, don’t expect it to be soothing or something very appealing. Only buy pure unflavored green tea. The flavored ones might seem easier to consume, but they’re additives. Try to start with a mild and pure green tea.

(c)   How Green Tea Helps?

The biggest advantage of green tea is that the unfermented form of the leaves contains the highest amount of polyphenols. Polyphenols are antioxidants. So when you drink green tea, you get a complete nutrition in the form of a tea. It’s an easy way to nourish our health.

(d)  Green Tea Will Not Let You Eat More

That’s because green tea is really powerful for stimulating the satiety effect. You feel relaxed and not so hungry. But, to enjoy any of these amazing experiences, you’ve to drink green tea continuously for a month or so.


2) Important Herb and Foods That You Can Add to Your Diet to Increase Fat Loss

herbss(a)   Sometimes try to drink lemon water. Warm lemon water will detox your system.

(b)  Cranberry juice has been found to have a good amount of digestive enzymes. The improved digestive system will help your body get rid of the wastes that your liver can’t process. This way weight loss will be faster.

(c)   Have ginger tea once in the day, but without sugar. The thermogenic agents present in the ginger will increase your body temperature and help you lose fat.

(d)  Garlic has anti obesity properties. According to the proven science, garlic can stop your body’s pre fat cells from converting into fat cells. this is why adding garlic to your diet is a good idea.

(e)   Eat cucumber to lose belly fat.


3) 45 Minutes of Daily Workout is Must for Losing 0.5 Kg a Week

We hear people say that there is no time for exercise. That’s an excuse, not the reason. There is time, you’re just not able to manage it. We told you in the beginning – willpower will play a key role in weight loss. So you’re going to need your willpower in this case. You’ve to manage time as per your working hours.


workout(a)  Why You Should Workout During the Stressful Moments?

Do you know workout is a must especially during the stressful moments? It relaxes the body muscles and increases blood flow throughout the body. It helps you get out of the mental blockages. According to science, exercise like strength training improves your brain power, concentration, memory, etc. It’s because when you lift weights, it increases brain derived neurotrophic factors. This means it increases the growth of nerve cells in the brain.


(b)  How to Manage Time For Workouts?

Assuming you work 10 hours a day, we believe you still can manage 40 minutes for the exercise daily. You just have to make sure you don’t waste time unnecessarily. Making absurd excuses is a very common thing for Indians. To be able to manage time for exercise, you should try to add this activity in the beginning of the day. That way you won’t be having the excuse of not feeling like exercising because you’re tired.


Why Workout is Important for Weight loss?

Exercise is the only way through which you can cause an energy deficiency. When you workout, your heart pumps faster and tells your body that it needs more energy. After receiving signal from the heart, the body identifies the call, burns fat and use the glucose in the blood to produce energy. To be very exact, you need to exercise almost 5 hours a week to burn half a Kg of weight in a week. That is also cardio. But if you can’t, start slowly. Do yoga, normal brisk walk, walk or jog on the treadmill in the beginning to develop the stamina. When you notice that earlier you used to run at a speed of 6 for 2 minutes on the treadmill, now you can run at a speed of 7 for 2 minutes, that means your stamina has improved. Increase the time slowly at this point of time. Try to run for 3 minutes at a speed of 7 for 10 days.

So, when you consume green tea to reduce your food intake and control your fondness for the fried fatty foods, your body doesn’t get a new supply of fat. When you exercise additionally, you encourage the body to use the already existing fat to support the additional need of the energy. This way the amount of body fat reduces. This means you’re indirectly helping yourself lose weight.


4) Reduce Sugar Consumption If You Can’t Get Rid of It At All


Sugar is an absolute disaster. Our recommendation would be getting rid of it completely. How many cups of tea you’ve per day? If it’s more than 2, reducing weight will be very hard for you. Sugar addiction is not a good thing. Do you know cancerous cells love sugar? You really need to reduce refined sugar consumption when you try to lose weight.

(a)  Why Sugar Makes Weight Loss Tougher?

Sugar addiction can only increase additional problems.People addicted to sugar generally are found to suffer from abnormal food cravings, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, and of course, obesity. Do you know just 6 teaspoons of sugar equals to 100 calories? And just 12 ounce of sweet soda or cold drinks have sweetness equals to 8 – 10 teaspoons of sugar.

As we said it, an excess amount of refined sugar can increase the level of glucose in the blood. Refined sugar converts into glucose fast. So, when you consume too much of it, the body finds it excess of requirement, converts it into fat and stores in the cells for future use. This makes you obese in the long run. The moment you find that your BMI indicates you are overweight, stop consuming sugar.

(b)  How to Get Rid of Sugar Addiction?

You’ve to try gradually. Tea or sugar addiction is strong and can give you side effects like headache. The intensity of having sweets will be the highest when you’ll try to withdraw it. As a replacement, keep honey at home. The moment you feel like having something sugary, eat digestive biscuits. This will soothe your sweet tooth a healthy way. Try to develop the taste of dark chocolate.

Where from You Get the Unhealthy Sugar?

Be careful about foods like simple carbohydrates. Don’t consume any products for sometimes which contain added sugar. Processed sugar can be found in the salad dressings, canned fruits, bread, ready to make soups, peanut butter, cake, pastries and cookies. Be careful about what you’re eating. It’s called mindful eating. You don’t have to diet or reduce the normal food intake. You just need to be on high alert. Control food craving by reducing sugar intake.


5) Recommended Dining Habits

family-dinner-healthy-eating-habits(a)   Never go to bed quickly after having dinner. There should be a time gap of at least 2 hours in between the meal and your sleep time.

(b)  After you have your lunch and dinner, don’t just sit. Do a gentle walk for about 10 minutes.

(c)   Don’t eat starches in the night. Starches like white rice, white bread will increase the glucose release in the blood. This is not ideal for people who are trying to lose weight.

(d)  Try to have fiber rich food in your lunch and dinner. It will improve your digestive system, help get rid of constipation and speed up weight loss.

(e)   Fiber rich foods, such as green beans, digestive biscuits, hummus, chickpeas, fruits, etc will keep your digestive system occupied. These foods take more time to digest.


So, homemade remedies are nothing. They are the tricks to convince your body to use the existing and unused fat on priority basis. So basically your body does the same job, but, use the extra fat for that. If you don’t have any severe medical condition like type 2 diabetes, genetic condition, Polycystic ovary, you can use these 5 home based remedies for weight loss.

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    I want to know more about weight loss from home.


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