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VLCC Shape Up Hips Thighs And Arms Shaping oil

VLCC Shape Up Hips Thighs And Arms Shaping oil is promoted as an Ayurveda oil which removes cellulites from the most rigid parts of the body. So if someone is eagerly looking for a fat loss solution, it’s not the one he/she should get. There is a thin line of difference in between fat and cellulites. Cellulites can majorly be seen on the thighs and hips. When you apply the oil on the area and wrap a hot towel, it increases blood circulation and gives power to the muscles. This is how the oil works. We reviewed the product to find out if it can really make any difference.   

VLCC Shape Up Hips Thighs And Arms Shaping oil Pros

  • The product includes natural ingredients.

VLCC Shape Up Hips Thighs And Arms Shaping oil Cons

  • It’s not a weight loss product. It works on cellulites.
  • You can’t use it as an appetite suppressant.
  • The consumer feedbacks don’t convey an impressive message.
  • The manufacturer doesn’t offer any product guarantee.
  • The product doesn’t assure any long term benefits.
VLCC Shape Up Hips Thighs And Arms Shaping oil

VLCC Shape Up Hips Thighs And Arms Shaping oil Review

This is basically a natural massage oil, like the essential oils. The oil basically works for skin strengthening, giving power to the muscle cells nearby the area so that they can hold the skin firmly. This is how exactly the Shape Up Hips Thighs And Arms Shaping Oil can be useful for reducing the cellulites.

There is nothing so incredible about the product. A good massage with any kind of essential oil helps in smooth blood flow all over the body and removes toxins through an improved lymphatic system. The nutrients of the oil penetrate the skin, repair the skin cells and releases muscle tension. You don’t need to spend thousands to get these benefits.

Claimed weight loss benefits

VLCC claims its oil can show an incredible result in terms of firming the skin and removing the cellulites. However, this oil is not for weight loss. Means, your BMI will not reduce with the help of the oil. You’ve to work hard, do exercise and take care of your diet as usual.

In terms of weight loss benefits, Shape Up Hips Thighs And Arms Shaping Oil has no contribution. When the muscles nearby the thighs and hips lose strength, and the fat cells in the skin get overly occupied because of fat and water, they create skin bulges or dimples which clearly show up on the skin surface. This is called cellulites. Shape Up Hips Thighs And Arms Shaping Oil helps to get rid of the cellulite.

Fat Burning / Binder
Appetite Suppressant
Metabolism Booster
Carbohydrate Blocking
Diet Plan

How VLCC Shape Up Hips Thighs And Arms Shaping oil Works

The company says the non greasy formula of the oil penetrates the skin, repairs the skin cells and restores the skin strength to help one’s skin look firm and toned. If you’re looking for any such results, then only buying this product somehow makes sense. If you’re talking about overall weight loss, no, this is not the product you should be curious about. The product has natural ingredients which go deep inside the skin and address the problem.

Key VLCC Shape Up Hips Thighs And Arms Shaping oil Ingredients

The key ingredients of the product are Cyprus oil and sesame oil. These ingredients are known for their natural nutritional benefits. They penetrate the skin easily and this is why they are helpful for external application to some extent. However, these ingredients are not for causing weight loss. You must not get confused there. They are not for helping you with improving metabolism or controlling your diet.

VLCC Shape Up Hips Thighs And Arms Shaping oil Results

We didn’t find any proof or any kind of clinical evidence which could support the working mechanism of Shape Up Hips Thighs And Arms Shaping Oil as a weight loss product. It’s a cellulite remover. It eliminates the skin bulges appearing on the different parts of the body by improving the blood circulation and giving strength to the ligaments. So, if you try to find out Shape Up Hips Thighs And Arms Shaping Oil success proof as a weight loss remedy, you will find none.

Weight Loss Power:

Overall Rating

This is not a weight loss product. Don’t get fooled by an advertisement if it promotes Shape Up Hips Thighs And Arms Shaping Oil as a weight loss product.
Speed of results:

Overall Rating

Speed of result, in terms of getting rid of cellulites, will vary. If the product isn’t good, or you don’t do moderate exercises, there will be no change in your condition so soon.
Appetite Suppression:

Overall Rating

This is no appetite suppressant. So don’t buy a product if your purpose is to control your hunger.

Overall Rating

The product safety will not be a huge problem considering it’s based on natural ingredients.
Value for money:

Overall Rating

It’s an expensive product. And not at all worthy for weight loss. Investing money in this will be pointless if you are trying to reduce your BMI. Rather look for green tea products. They are effective for weight loss.
Long Term Results:

Overall Rating

Looking at the long term results of the product hardly make any sense as it has not been manufactured for weight loss. So don’t waste time trying this product.
Overall Rating:

Overall Rating

It’ll not be of your use if you try the product for reducing your weight. It’s not made for that.

VLCC Shape Up Hips Thighs And Arms Shaping oil Side Effects

There is no such Shape Up Hips Thighs And Arms Shaping Oil side effects. The only minor side effects some consumers noticed were skin irritation or little burning like sensation. Apart from that, there were no major side effects. You need to be extremely cautious about its use though. Direct eye contact with this type oil can do serious damage.

Where to Buy VLCC Shape Up Hips Thighs And Arms Shaping oil

The product is easily available on and can be bought here!

Overall Verdict

So, after the overall discussion hope you’ve understood that it’s not a weight loss remedy. It’s for managing the cellulites. A woman of any age can use the product only if she wants to handle the problem of cellulites. This is useless for weight loss. Your overall body weight won’t reduce with its help.

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