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Slimterol is an Indian weight loss herbal capsule. It wears a very expensive price tag considering the quality of the product. You’ll get one month of supply in INR 1799. The product cost is pretty high than its counterparts. We wouldn’t mind the price range provided the product comes out to be a real deal breaker. So we were actually very excited this time to find out if this capsule could really make a difference. We did research as usual. And our detailed Slimterol review goes this way –

Slimterol Pros

  • It’s free of synthetic additives and a 100 percent vegetarian product.

Slimterol Cons

  • Lack of information on product safety and certification is a real disappointment.
  • The manufacturer link found on their official website doesn’t work.
  • Its weight loss claims are not clinically approved.

Slimterol Review

A product, which seems to have all important elements to cause natural weight loss, should be effective, right? Slimterol causes weight loss by improving the digestive system, body’s metabolism, controlling blood sugar label and insulin response, managing food craving and boosting immunity. As we all know, low metabolic rate, unhealthy diet, mood disorder or depression, insulin resistance, lack of sleep, etc can increase BMI. If Slimterol claims are true, you should be able to stabilize the unbalanced body functions to reduce your body mass index.


However, the question is – can we really trust this weight loss supplement? We don’t know yet.

Claimed weight loss benefits

The product Manufacturer claims that with the natural fat burning ability of Slimterol, a person will be able to reduce weight effortlessly. This means you don’t have to do any rigorous workouts to be able to burn thousands of calories. It’s said that a person has to burn around 3500 calories to be able to lose 1 pound. It’s extreme hard work as we understand. So, when we get to know that Slimterol can help an overweight person lose weight without any extended effort, it feels wonderful.



All these claims sound fairly pleasant. Seems weight loss will be easier with Slimterol this time. But, after spending almost 1800 rupees and trying the product for several months, what if someone sees no improvement or change in the body weight at all? How do we know if the supplement will really work? The supplier might not agree to return you money. In addition, do we really know that all ingredients, as promised on their official website, are natural and make a great formula altogether? After all, we’ve no proof or assurance from any authorized regulatory body, right?

Fat Burning / Binder
Appetite Suppressant We Agree
Metabolism Booster
Carbohydrate Blocking
Diet Plan

How Slimterol Works

The herbal extracts enter your bloodstream and start handling their respective jobs that they are supposed to do. Slimterol promotions also offer few free Ebooks as bonus. These Ebooks are about body detoxification methods, diet modification and dealing with stress. The product promotion claims that you don’t need to do any harsh dieting or strenuous workouts to shed off weight. Weight loss will be a gradual process with Slimterol. That’s more like a commitment. Are the claims really valid though? We surely have no guarantee. It might work, it might not. In the absence of any practical result and feedback from the real consumers, judging the product efficiency is kind of a gambling situation as of now.

Key Slimterol Ingredients

One thing which we liked about Slimterol website is that they’ve categorized each ingredient as per the specific concern they can address. The product has two major ingredients, Garcinia Cambogia extract and Phaseolus vulgaris extract, to take care of metabolic disorder. Emblica officinalis extract and Camellia sinesis extract are meant to have good antioxidant effect on your overall system. Gymnema sylvestre extract and Momordica Charantia extract will handle blood sugar and insulin related complications. Zingiber and Triphala extract are supposed to improve the digestive system.


So overall, Slimterol is a complete package. Garcinia cambogia is a proven weight loss herb. Gymnema sylvestre extract has weight loss management properties as well. Some early research results showed that Gymnema sylvestre could lower blood sugar in the participants. Gymnema sylvestre can stimulate the pancreas to make insulin and keep the level of glucose in the blood in control. However, you must remember that this product contains some specific concentration of each herb. We don’t know if the herb concentration and their combination are ideal for a safe and effective weight loss.

Slimterol Results

Now, as we can see most product ingredients are natural plant extracts, we would like to believe that the product should be effective. We don’t have any evidence in support of the product claims though. We came across several advertisements during our research that promote same product aspects again and again. But, evidence of any clinical trial, or consumer feedback is not available. It can become a potent danger if the product quality is compromised anyhow.

Weight Loss Power:

Overall Rating

We are not sure if the product quality will outstand. Let’s wait for some more time to see what reaction we get from its users.
Speed of results:

Overall Rating

If the product quality is good, you continue moderate exercises alongside and change your diet, speed of results can be expected to be better.
Appetite Suppression:

Overall Rating

Slimterol might work as an appetite suppressant. The blood sugar lowering natural herbal extracts will automatically work in your favour.

Overall Rating

Product safety remains our biggest concern. We still want to know more about the manufacturer. Maybe they will come up with more relevant and authentic information about the manufacturer gradually in the future. Again, you need to wait a bit to see the consumer response.
Value for money:

Overall Rating

It’s a dicey situation. If the product comes out to be really effective, it’s going to be a good investment, or else, not.
Long Term Results:

Overall Rating

Long term results of the product basically depend on how useful or dangerous the product is. If the product’s effects seem doubtful, discontinue its use immediately.
Overall Rating:

Overall Rating

Slimterol could be an outstanding product provided the weight loss supplement maintains its quality. We don’t assure its results for now. We would like to wait and expect some clinical evidences on the product’s effectiveness in the long run.

Slimterol Side Effects

Assuring product safety is manufacturer’s responsibility. Sadly, not all manufacturers take this as a social accountability. The chances of product quality duplicity are too high in an unorganized market like India. So you’ve to be very careful about from where you’re going to get this product. Always try to buy a supplement from a licensed supplier, or at least a well known supplier. If the product is a fake or smuggle product, improper product ingredients can cause uncomfortable side effects.

Where to Buy Slimterol

You can buy it here from their official website.

Overall Verdict

After the overall discussion, it can be said that weight loss with Slimterol is going to be an unsure phenomena. If the product ingredients are original, if it doesn’t cause any severe drug interaction, and it shows some signs of weight loss after using it for a month, you’re lucky. We don’t assure any of these so far. We can say the ingredients in this weight loss supplement are safe, but we don’t assure product quality and its weight loss formula.

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