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Slim Tea

A product called Slim Tea is also sold in India as a weight loss supplement. There are so many similar products in the market now. Slim Tea also claims the same – easy weight loss through metabolic rate improvement. The product price is not cheap either. You will get a bottle, which will have maximum one months of supply, at a price of INR 1750. Paying this price will be meaningful if the product is good. We’ve brought you a detailed Slim Tea review so that you can decide its effectiveness on your own.

Slim Tea Pros

  • Slim Tea is made of herb extracts.

Slim Tea Cons

  • The product makes the same old claims with no evident results.
  • The company has no clinically approved studies to show us.
  • It’s a mere green tea like any other normal product in the market.
  • The official website has no real consumer reviews or feedbacks.
  • Consumers reported side effects like nausea and increased food cravings.
Slim Tea

Slim Tea Review

Like any other herbal tea currently available in the market, Slim Tea claims to do the same job. The concentration of herb extracts is not a major breakthrough or solution for obesity. It’s a simple product which doesn’t come from any reputable or established company. If the product is really not anything different, or can’t provide proof of significant impact on the human body, it’s better to pay for and try the reputed and old brands. Risk of side effects will be much lower in that case.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Slim Tea claims to burn fat by treating the conditions which lower the metabolic rate of the human body. Conditions like insulin resistance can delay weight loss. Does Slim Tea help with that? It claims to improve metabolism, but we’ve no solid evidence of that. You can’t simply buy a supplement based on what manufacturer has to claim. All claims should be scientifically approved; but the effects of Slim Tea are not.

Fat Burning / Binder
Appetite Suppressant
Metabolism Booster We Agree
Carbohydrate Blocking
Diet Plan

How Slim Tea Works

As Slim Tea contains all natural ingredients like green tea, peepal, dal chini, tulsi, Amlaki, black pepper, the combined effect of the supplement might have some overall good impact on the body. For example, the manufacturer says Slim Tea boosts immunity and energy. But why you have to depend on a supplement to enjoy these benefits of the herbs? Most of these herbs are easily available and can be added to the normal day to day tea or other foods to enjoy the nutritional benefits.

Key Slim Tea Ingredients

Slim Tea key ingredients are tulsi, peepal, calchini, ginger, bibitaki, babidang, haritaki, etc. Most of these ingredients are used as spices in the Indian foods. You can add fresh tulsi leaves and ginger to tea to increase the flavor and enjoy the herbal benefits. You really need not to buy a weight loss supplement to get the benefits of these herbs. Weight loss is a gradual process. You can’t suddenly expect your body to show drastic changes as the biological system takes time to work in our favour.

Slim Tea Results

The benefits of Slim Tea are not proven. We definitely find this to be another reason for not relying on the product claims. There are no studies documented which we can refer for our own satisfaction. We don’t see any consumer comments on the product effectiveness either.

Weight Loss Power:

Overall Rating

Weight loss with the help of the herbs we mentioned above doesn’t sound convincing. We recommend not trying this product until you see real consumers talking good things about it.
Speed of results:

Overall Rating

Speed of result doesn’t matter because it’s a simple herbal tea. It will never show fast weight loss anyway.
Appetite Suppression:

Overall Rating

It’s not an appetite suppressant. It has been made to improve the overall health.

Overall Rating

We see lack of evidence in terms of product safety and effectiveness.
Value for money:

Overall Rating

This is not a value for money product at this moment. We’ve no convincing story of product effectiveness which can make it the best choice.
Long Term Results:

Overall Rating

As the product has no such breakthrough ingredient formula, we think trying this product long term won’t make a difference.
Overall Rating:

Overall Rating

This is one of the dozens of ineffective weight loss supplements. Try some more effective replacements and follow a natural weight loss process instead.

Slim Tea Side Effects

Although the product was never found to cause any serious health concern, some people who were already on a prescription medication reported about some uncomfortable drug interactions. You shouldn’t consume an herbal product without talking to your doctor. An improper dose of a supplement can make a situation worse.

Where to Buy Slim Tea

The product can be easily bought from here!

Overall Verdict

We don’t believe Slim Tea claims. We suggest you to do the same. There are many herbal slimming Tea available in the market. Choose a reputed brand which has many satisfied consumers. Don’t take risk with your health. Weight loss is not an easy process as shown by the supplement manufacturers.

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