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Midoha Green Coffee Bean

Midoha Green Coffee Bean is advertised as an expensive weight loss supplement. Although it’s true that green coffee bean can help people control some severe medical conditions, it’s certainly not a magical cure for obesity. The price you pay for this product is INR 3000 for just 90 capsules. It is absurd. You’ve multiple supplements in the market nowadays, from well known companies like Himalaya, which can balance your hormones and cause natural weight loss. You don’t need to pay this much for a product which has no promising facts or base.

The weight loss promoting ability of green coffee bean got first exposure in the year 2012. A group of scientists introduced their striking research result during the 243rd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society. It’s a well proven fact that pure coffee bean can cause weight loss in human. 

Midoha Green Coffee Bean Pros

  • Chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean controls blood pressure.

Midoha Green Coffee Bean Cons

  • No convincing information about the product manufacturer is available.
  • Dr. under federal surveillance for promoting Green coffee bean as obesity cure.
  • Side effects like severe headache, cramps, high blood pressure, abnormal weight loss have been found.
  • Many negative consumer reviews were found.
  • Cases of green coffee bean scams have been registered.
  • The product price is too expensive.
  • The product website has no awareness, precautionary or safety message for the public.
Midoha Green Coffee Bean

Midoha Green Coffee Bean Review

A green coffee bean supplement like this can be good for managing type 2 diabetes. But this doesn’t confirm that you’ll be able to lose weight. If Midoha Green Coffee Bean supplement is an original product which includes a correct measure of the green coffee bean extract, the product should be effective for controlling blood sugar, which is a precursor of obesity. Also, you should be able to see improvement in your condition provided you maintain a certain amount of physical activity daily.

So, there is really no respite from exercise to be very perfect. Exercise makes weight loss faster. Even if you control your diet, but don’t exercise, you won’t be able to realize the difference that fast. Never think that a new product with too many promising plant substances can make you lose weight when you’re physically inactive. That’s not a solution.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Midoha green coffee bean supplement claims to cause weight loss by controlling the release of glucose in the bloodstream and making the metabolism better than before. That’s what Chlorogenic acid does to your body actually. If research result, published materials from the authority sources have to be believed, chlorogenic acid is the key element that does all good things.

Chlorogenic acid is really a great component that can aid in the treatment of type 2 diabetes as well. But, we don’t understand why the manufacturer is not able to showcase a clear evidence that its product is harmless, or certified to have a perfect concentration of pure green coffee bean extract. We just can’t believe a random source coming out of the blue and claiming anything out of the world?

Fat Burning / Binder
Appetite Suppressant
Metabolism Booster We Agree
Carbohydrate Blocking
Diet Plan

How Midoha Green Coffee Bean Works

As per the information conveyed to general consumers, the recommended dose of the supplement will help in losing weight by controlling blood sugar, improving body’s response to insulin and encouraging the body to burn fat faster naturally. For your information, type 2 diabetes causes serious metabolic problem.

Not to be forgotten you still can’t underestimate the importance of exercise. The moment you start ignoring it, the body identifies the lack of movement and starts storing fat. So, the chlorogenic acid enters your blood stream and starts working. Consuming a green coffee bean supplement sounds good from this perspective. Having said that, PubMed, which is a very renowned news source, has confirmed long back that chlorogenic acid can also be found in larger quantity in black roasted coffee and black tea. So, you don’t need to spend so much on  green coffee bean supplement to lose weight.

Key Midoha Green Coffee Bean Ingredients

The one and only ingredient of the product is green coffee bean extract. Be careful. Nothing is really safe these days. Not even the prescription drugs. Many prescribed medications for type 2 diabetes caused serious complications in the patients while treating obesity. Some of them cause toxic effect and even heart problems. The same way, you should not take the risk with the supplements. If the manufacturer doesn’t use pure green coffee bean extract as promised, or uses a fake product just to cheat the consumers to make money, the loss will be too high.

Midoha Green Coffee Bean Results

The result of chlorogenic acid is established. But we don’t know where this product Midoha green coffee bean comes from. We really can’t assure anything about its results. Ideally, you should not buy any dietary supplement which doesn’t come with clinically approved evidences. The product isn’t even certified from a Government or regulatory authority under the Indian Government. For most evident results, the Government’s or consumer reaction about the product, we should wait for some time.

Weight Loss Power:

Overall Rating

We doubt the product and its ingredients. We know that chlorogenic acid helps to fight diabetes, but, what if Midoha Green Coffee Bean fakes to have chlorogenic acid, and it doesn’t have it at all?
Speed of results:

Overall Rating

If you luckily get to buy an original product and continue doing exercise, weight loss can be a possibility.
Appetite Suppression:

Overall Rating

It’s not an appetite suppressant. The only possible reason it might help with controlling hunger is that it reduces sugar craving.

Overall Rating

Product safety is still a question. The risk of side effects will be higher if it’s not a certified product.
Value for money:

Overall Rating

That will depend on how effective the product is. We surely have no way to get an idea about that.
Long Term Results:

Overall Rating

As the product information is incomplete, we can’t say anything about its long term results at all.
Overall Rating:

Overall Rating

We don’t certify the product effectiveness. Since we’ve very restricted amount of data available regarding the authenticity of the product, its effectiveness and side effects, our recommendation would be trying other safer and cheaper alternatives. Don’t pay INR 3000 every month for an unqualified product. It’s going to be an absolute waste.

Midoha Green Coffee Bean Side Effects

After taking a look at the official website, we don’t think Midoha green coffee bean supplement is a product that can be trusted blindly. It’s still a dodgy matter. You need to wait for some more time. The possible side effects of this green coffee bean product can be upset stomach, headache, anxiety, nausea, irregular heartbeat, agitation, vomiting, nervousness, etc. Apart from chlorogenic acid, green coffee bean also have caffeine. Overdose of this supplement can be very harmful this is why. You need to be particularly careful if you already have heart conditions, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome.

Where to Buy Midoha Green Coffee Bean

You can buy it from their official website.

Overall Verdict

We believe in real products. And how do we determine that? We decide that by analyzing the way a company promotes its products, shows responsible attitude towards the consumers, warn people about the possible side effects, offers lots of product information, proof of originality, etc. We didn’t find any of this information satisfactory about Midoha Green Coffee Bean supplement.

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