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Fatabsorb India

Fatabsorb India is a dietary supplement available in India. It claims to contain a natural fibre called chitosan which has the unique ability to attract and bind fat. Although the claims made on the website are tall and revolutionary but we will see in this review how effective it is to lose weight in general.

Fatabsorb India Pros

  • Based on "CHITOSAN" which is known to absorb fat from body

Fatabsorb India Cons

  • This is a Non Vegetarian product as Chitosan is made of Fish & fish products
  • Customer reviews are not very encouraging
  • Constipation reported in many users
  • No effect on appetite or metabolism
  • Company information is not mention on the website at all
  • Very expensive for India Rs 5000 for 1 bottle
Fatabsorb India

Fatabsorb India Review

Fatabsorb is no better than products that we see all night on television which claim to reduce weight quickly but hardly help in any way. Fatbsorb relies heavily on advertising they do all over the internet and then charge a hefty amount from their users. However similar Chitosan based supplements are easily available in India for just over Rs 500.


If you are one of those who are known to lose weight with chitosan then our advice would be to try a less expensive chitosan supplement available online before you buy Fatabsorb

Claimed weight loss benefits

Fatabsorb Slimming Capsule claims to works in an exclusive way which does not require strict diet plans or skipping of meals and carry out fast slimming results. However, we don't agree this as per large number of customer’s negative feedback. If you simply search "fatabsorb complaints" on google you will find there are numerous complaints about this product. Further all the claims made by the company are unaccounted for and have no scientific base or evidence for their weight loss claims.

Fat Burning / Binder We Agree
Appetite Suppressant
Metabolism Booster
Carbohydrate Blocking
Diet Plan

How Fatabsorb India Works

Fatabsorb claims to prevent fat from being absorbed into the body. It claims that the primary ingredient chitosan is able to reduce bodies fat absorbing properties & thus helps to prevent storing excessive fat in your body which may lead to weight gain.


However, we have very mixed reviews of customers pertaining to Fatabsorb, some find it effective while others have only minimal results from it.

Key Fatabsorb India Ingredients

The key ingredient in Fatabsorb is chitosan, it is a natural filbre and derived from chitin, a polysaccharide found in shellfish shells.


It should be noted that Fatabsorb must be considered a Non Vegetarian product as it uses Gelatin and the ingredient itself is derived from fish products. India is a country of vast majority of Vegetarians so people should be cautious of avoiding such products which may hurt their religious feelings.

Fatabsorb India Results

Weight Loss Power:

Overall Rating

It has modest weight loss power. What complicates matter is the fact that we are unable to come across the exact outcome of this dietary supplement because of mixed reviews of customers. So when it comes to weight loss power it would be fair to assign a modest value.
Speed of results:

Overall Rating

Dieters taking Fatabsorb diet capsules have said that it takes at least more than a month or two to see some prominent results. Hence, this cannot be termed as a quick result oriented product.
Appetite Suppression:

Overall Rating

Some users reported that it reduces appetite, but this may be because of their suggestion even mentioned on their official website that one has to take increased amount of water while consuming Fatabsorb. Otherwise, it doesn't contain such ingredient that is known for its appetite suppressing quality.

Overall Rating

Fatabsorb is a natural formula to reduce fat and also it is free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. Though it does not have clinical trials to support it, So on the safety criteria we assign modest value to it.
Value for money:

Overall Rating

Considering the price its taking for the prolonged results, we would assign a poor value for money to this product. Also it is one of the most expensive dietary products and certainly its non economical factor is its biggest limitation for many potential customers.
Long Term Results:

Overall Rating

Users do not get any diet plan to follow along with these capsules, which ultimately comes to regaining the weight as you stop taking capsules. We have not seen any prolonged weight loss reviews from the users. Hence, when it comes to long term results we have no option to assign it a low value.
Overall Rating:

Overall Rating

Fataborb has been one of the most low rated product on our website. The major reasons for the same is average weight loss results, lots of bad feedback from customers, missing of clinical studies on websites etc...

Fatabsorb India Side Effects

When Fatabsorb works within the body, it comes up with some unpleasant side effects. The common side-effect of it is also mentioned in the warning section of their official website, that It can cause gastric problems or constipation. Also Fatabsorb lacks the clinical approval that makes it less trust worthy for many customers and its high cost is also a limiting factor.

Where to Buy Fatabsorb India

You can place an order through online at Fatabsorb official website here!

Overall Verdict

Fatabsorb is a pretty average product for weight loss in India. Most of the claims made on the website are fully exposed by customer complaints online. In Rs 5000 you can get various other products in the Indian market which can help you lose weight effectively and they will be a lot cheaper. We would suggest to look for other products for weight loss and skip this one for your own benefit.

2 thoughts on “Fatabsorb India

  • Simran

    July 13, 2015 at 4:53 pm

    Hi I have used chitonsan before and it makes you feel fuller before meals. Since I am not overweight now , I just take 2 capsules when I have to dine heavy.
    By the way the one Chitosan I bought costed me only 350 bucks from Kerala state govt association in delhi trade fair and would rate it as a nice product.


  • Divya

    March 22, 2015 at 3:31 pm

    I have use this product from two months but dont hv any result


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