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Acai Berry India

The Acai Berry supplement is promoted as a weight loss remedy in India. This is also true that you’ll get many versions and many brands of the same category supplement in the market. Some of them are nothing more than fake money making ideas. The first thing to remember is that Acai berry is not a weight loss fruit. So, this can’t be a remedy for obesity. We’ve to be careful about what we choose and put in our system. If you’re not so confident, especially about the Acai Berry India brand, refer our in depth product review to have an understanding. Our research is thorough. We never rely on any media hype or product promotion offers which show us the instant gains, not the long term results.

Acai Berry India Pros

  • Acai Berry is known as a fruit having high amount of antioxidants.

Acai Berry India Cons

  • It’s still not a scientifically proven weight loss fruit.
  • Side effects like headache, stomach cramps and nausea have been reported.
  • Dr. Oz is under the Federal investigation for promoting Acai Berry as an obesity cure.
  • Acai berry is not an appetite suppressant. It’s for overall health rejuvenation.
  • There are too many fake products in the market.
  • Poor quality brands don’t use ideal concentration of the fruit extract.
  • Information about ingredient has only been mentioned once, in the FAQ section.
Acai Berry India

Acai Berry India Review

Acai Berry is a grape like fruit. It’s mostly found in the Amazon rain forest. It’s usually used as a major ingredient in some supplements. It’s often called a superfood because its antioxidant effect can help treat conditions like cancer, arthritis, high cholesterol and detoxification. Most importantly, it has no direct effect on weight loss. At least there is no clinically approved test which can justify the viability of the perception. So if it’s about fat loss, you can’t rely on the supplement. Follow the biological science and increase your awareness.

So, when you find an Acai Berry product, like this one, first try to find out what exactly it claims and what are its benefits. Does it claim to be a weight loss supplement? Does the claims sound overly promotional? Their official website has put many consumer reviews to convince the visitors. But we should never take them as a standard benchmark. These reviews can be written simply by hiring a writer. Better talk to people, ask for opinion, contact people who have been trying different weight loss treatments.

Claimed weight loss benefits

The Acai Berry India claims to lose weight through metabolism improvisation. But the condition of metabolic syndrome is not only a lifestyle disease. Several other medical conditions can be responsible for that. It also says that the product will make you energetic and active. However, we think its claims are useless because increased energy never burns the extra fat unless you work hard and use the energy during exercise. So this claim doesn’t seem valid from the feasibility point of view.

An Acai Berry product is not for weight loss. It’s for overall health rejuvenation. The antioxidants will improve your digestive system. This means your body will use the food items properly and nothing will be stored as fat. To lose weight, you need to stop eating unhealthy foods. You must be proactive regarding changing your diet. Your daily diet should be healthy enough to keep the digestive system occupied for longer time. However, Acai Berry also has some amount of fiber, which actually can make you full for a longer time.

Fat Burning / Binder
Appetite Suppressant
Metabolism Booster We Agree
Carbohydrate Blocking
Diet Plan

How Acai Berry India Works

Acai berry may have an indirect effect on obesity. The Acai Berry weight loss supplement can help in managing blood sugar. That sounds fair considering the fruit has some amount of fatty acids. Fatty Acids like Omega – 3 can help in reducing triglycerides. It’s scientifically proven to control glucose in the blood. The second thing is that Acai Berry reduces cholesterol. This is because the fiber and antioxidant content in the fruit promotes healthy digestive system and reduces the bad cholesterol in the body. If this is true, we can then say the supplement is good for cardiovascular functions. But then again, this will not reduce your weight directly. You’ve to restrict the unhealthy foods and exercise alongside.

As far as we know, a supplement is never a cure. It’s an elementary or aiding process. It keeps you active and helps you lose weight by removing toxins from your system and maintaining stamina for exercise.

Key Acai Berry India Ingredients

What we came to know that the product contains Acai Berry as the major ingredient. Anyway, if this key element is really there in the product, it should be helpful for controlling type 2 diabetes and cholesterol. Don’t expect that you’ll start losing weight immediately after you start taking the supplement. It will give an additional boost to your weight loss efforts. So, maybe if you exercise a lot, take care of your diet and take the Acai Berry India supplement side by side, you’ll lose weight faster.

Acai Berry India Results

Sadly, there is really no source to know if it’s a legitimate weight loss product. It can be a big scam. The chances of this can be higher as we didn’t find any reliable company information on their official website. It’s extremely doubtful.

Weight Loss Power:

Overall Rating

To be very honest, the effect of Acai Berry on obesity is not proven. You’ve to do exercises and change diet to be able to lose weight.
Speed of results:

Overall Rating

This will depend on how serious you are about your weight loss. If you change your lifestyle, add time for exercise to your daily schedule, weight loss will be faster, or else, not.
Appetite Suppression:

Overall Rating

If the product is original, it might help to control hunger because Acai berry has natural fiber. But, it’s certainly not made solely for that purpose.

Overall Rating

Product safety and chances of side effects will depend on how the supplement is really? Does it have the actual ingredient really? Is the manufacturer genuine? Did it follow the standardized manufacturing process as prescribed by the health regulatory authority?
Value for money:

Overall Rating

We’re not certain about that considering it’s really not a weight loss supplement.
Long Term Results:

Overall Rating

Long term results of this supplement can be dangerous if it’s not a certified weight loss supplement.
Overall Rating:

Overall Rating

Overall, we doubt its efficiency as a weight loss remedy. You can say it’s good for the overall improvement of your health.

Acai Berry India Side Effects

An Acai berry supplement can not be taken as an obesity cure. Again, never think that the higher dose of the product will make you slim faster. It will make the condition worse, instead. Side effects like severe drug interaction, nausea, vomiting, cramps can be noticed. Take a safe decision. Get in touch with your health supervisor to know if Acai berry is good for weight loss. We did try to know about this manufacturer, and it led us nowhere.

Where to Buy Acai Berry India

You can buy it here from their official website.

Overall Verdict

Our only concern is that we don’t think the product comes from any reputed establishment. Neither any information like contact information and phone number are available anywhere. Whom do we suppose to hold liable if the product comes out to be defective, fake or ineffective?

One thought on “Acai Berry India

  • shikha

    February 22, 2017 at 8:31 am

    is the above in link is selling a genuien acai berry product…please clarify


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