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New Scientific Evidence Shows How Effective is the Paleo Diet For Weight Loss

Scientists have confirmed that adding more soluble fiber to a Paleo diet is a great idea for significant weight loss.

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After a detailed analysis of a recently conducted experiment, a research group from the Imperial College London has confirmed that the modern protein and fiber rich Paleo diet can do an excellent job in terms of killing hunger force and assisting in weight loss.

Considering the nature of the Paleo diet and its effect on the human digestive system, the claimWeightLossViaThermogenesis made by the renowned nutritionists seems justifiable. The food habit and ingredients advised in the Paleo diet resembles the eating pattern of the human ancestors. Way back ancestors had to rely on randomly available foods like leafy greens, nuts, seeds, fish, meat and regional veggies for their survival. Although the privilege of ample and diversified food choices was absent at that time, these foods with high nutrient level were more than enough to keep ancestors going all day long. These food ingredients take long time for digestion. The biggest benefits of the lengthy digestion process is that a man doesn’t feel the intensity of hunger till the time the food is entirely digested.

The result of the experiment was not consistent with the common consensus though. Researchers put the Paleo diet in a test tube to see the activity. Gut microbes from three grass-eating baboons and three humans were collected and added to two different diet – grass based and potato heavy diet to see the result. As per the common belief, the microbes together with the grass based diet were supposed to produce the maximum amount of hunger suppressing hormone, which they didn’t. The potato based diet produced the expected result instead. What Gary Frost, a scientist from the Imperial College London, has to say about the viability of Paleo diet is quite appealing. He believed as the grass used for the experiment didn’t have the necessary nutrients to put off hunger for a considerably long time, the modern Paleo diet containing the highest amount of insoluble fiber can be expected to do a much better job than this.

slim-girl-thumbs-up-191x300The basic fundamental is that the human body is biologically designed to respond better to the Paleo/Caveman diet. However, with the beginning of agriculture, the modern civilized society has become very reliant on the grain food. The growing use of grain foods has been the major reason for an increase in obesity. Grain foods turn into glucose in the blood very easily. Although glucose is needed for energy, the unused portion is stored as fat in the body, which doesn’t happen in the case of the Paleo diet.

The Paleo diet has no source to increase sugar in the body. It has no sugary ingredients, no grains, and of course, no processed foods. The body gets all essential nutrients through the food choices like grilled chicken with salads, vegetables, wild fish, fruits, eggs, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc. The caveman diet, which is known as the Paleo diet these days, is so nutritious and filling that a person even doesn’t feel like to overeat. Experts believe if a person gradually tries to reduce consumption of grain foods, pasta, bread, rice, bagel and pizza, and tries Paleo diet, he/she is more likely to notice encouraging improvements within 30 days.

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