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Is Mushroom a Proven Weight Loss Element for Women?

mushroom dietNew clinical evidence now unveils that mushrooms can increase exercise longevity and quicken weight loss.

Science has another upbeat news in the favor of women. Mushrooms are amazing in normalizing post-meal glucose hike. Scientists say as the body of an overweight woman can’t control the surge of glucose level efficiently, it has a tendency to turn unused sugar into fat and store them in cells. After this exciting revelation, it’s now a scientifically proven fact that mushrooms can help in controlling blood sugar and simplify loss of weight.

This news comes as a great relief to women who are living with conditions like diabetes, fatty liver and obesity for years now and find it hard to lose weight easily. Hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance, polycystic ovaries, etc. can be the core reasons for weight gain in a woman. When treatment for these medical problems can take years of time, mushrooms can offer help as a plant based remedy to overcome glucose imbalance. What’s more inspiring that blood sugar regulating ability of mushroom is incredibly quick. A study conducted by the scientists from Univeristy of Buffalo showed the effect of mushroom intake was clearly visible in less than 30 minutes, which is quite impressive.

WeightLossViaThermogenesisThe study was solely focused on the role of mushrooms in weight loss. There were total 18 participants. Men and women were divided into two groups. The participants were aged between 19 and 29. The oral glucose tolerance test continued for about two weeks. Scientists used three different types of sweet drinks while trying to study the pattern of glucose reaction in both men and women. Few of the participants were told to consume 75 g glucose drink, while some were told to drink 75 g glucose drink along with 95 g mushroom powder and 9.5 Portobello powder with Stevia water.

The final analysis of the study result concluded that women, who were on the glucose drink with mushroom powder, had a controlled post-meal glucose level. On the other hand, men showed no difference.

Increased blood sugar is considered the biggest enemy of weight loss. Although most body cells need some amount of glucose to maintain their natural growth, too much processed sugar actually does no good. Foods high in fructose, simple sugar, can encourage glucose intolerance, insulin resistance or leptin hormone resistance, which is the leading cause of obesity. In this case, the body creates an artificial food craving and makes one feel he/she needs to eat more. The situation altogether leads to increased fat deposits in cells and the amount of glucose in the blood, which is more than the body’s actual requirement. Mushroom is a beneficial fungi which can counteract this hostile situation.

MushroomScientists are conclusive about the fact that mushrooms are great for regulating blood sugar level. According to their analysis, two great plant-based nutrients, ergothioneine and phytonutrient are excellent antioxidants. They are type of amino acids which nourish the cells, improve stamina and safeguard against tissue damage. The amazing improvement of health can be noticed in the form of increased endurance level and decreasing weight. Put simply, the use of mushrooms should be increased in the daily diet if a woman desires natural and quick weight loss.

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