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choosing slimming pillHow to choose weight loss medicine

Today we share the safety tips that you should remember when shopping slimming pills in India. Weight loss medications can come in the form of prescription medicines or OTC (Over the counter) drugs. While the prescription medicines are advised medications which will need you to have a valid prescription from a registered medical practitioner, OTCs are just the opposites. You’re legally allowed to buy them without the prescriptions.

Here are a few tips on how to choose slimming pills –


Buy Natural Products Only. Like Ayurvedic & Herbal productsPiperine-in-Xedra-Cut-XT-Clinical-Studies

Statistics say more than 30 percent of the Indian consumers prefer using home remedies. We also recommend buying only light dose Ayurveda and Herbal products. Herbal products are plant extracts. Naturally, they are safer than some lab produced chemical induces medications.


Check If the Product Packaing Has a Clear Label Mentioning Safety Warningslabel

Transparency of information is the first thing you should consider. Taking advantage of India’s imperfect “Drug and Cosmetic Act” 1940, slimming pill scams are becoming a rising concern. Many of us don’t have correct knowledge about the safety guidelines as mentioned in the Drug Rules, 1945.

As per our latest finding, the non-prescription medicines, OTCs, should have clear label warnings like, “do not use over a week without consulting your physician”, “ all medicines have the potential to have adverse effects in an Individual”, etc.


  • Know Some Important Facts About OTC Slimming Pillsotc medicine


– According to registered medical professionals, consumers shouldn’t use OTCs for serious complications.

– Do you know Indian pharmaceutical industry sources almost 40 percent of the OTCs currently consumed in the USA?

– Don’t pay too much attention to the exaggerated late night TV commercials promoting slimming pills. Research about the manufacturer to know the source authenticity.

– You can purchase OTCs or non-prescription drugs from a drug store. They only supply over the counter drugs and are not allowed to sell prescription medicines.

– A few OTCs have been found to have dangerous narcotic and psychotropic substances. Few pharmacies have been found to smuggle such drugs from outside India. So be careful when you choose a pharmacy selling OTC preparations.


  • Read Weight Loss Ratings at weightlossreviews.inTop Rated


Before buying any slimming pills, you can review rating at, we have experts writing reviews for every weight loss product in the market and you can trust our judgement before buying any slimming pill in India.


  • Choose a Product As Per the Actual Requirement


Not all slimming pills address the same problem. Some of them are effective appetite suppressants. A few drugs are good for improving metabolism and some are known to be safe supplements for losing weight after pregnancy. The ingredient composition, which we call product formula, differs according to the type of concern need to be treated. First, find out what is the real reason of your obesity. If it’s thyroid abnormality, for example, get a slimming pill that can stabilize thyroid imbalance.


  • Don’t Buy Slimming Pills Touted as Appetite Suppressants


We are not in favor of appetite suppressants. They can cause food apathy or abnormal weakness in the long run.


  • Avoid Importing Drugs From Outside IndiaImported weight loss drugs


Don’t import slimming pills from outside India or pay in USD. The chances of fraud are more there. You might not get the final product delivery. There can be shipment hassles and tons of Customs regulations additionally.

Although India’s drug industry is one of the country’s major economic drivers, drawbacks in the drug safety law has caused big enough revenue losses to many manufacturers. The country still needs law amendments to increase consumer’s health safety. But for now, you try to be cautious and remember the above tips when you buy slimming pills.

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