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Acai Berry Scams


Several random websites are selling duplicate Acai berry weight loss products online. They are trying to create a hype through fake celebrity endorsements. Lack of knowledge or incorrect information can become a real cause of worry in this case. Things you should be aware of are what the product is, is there any evidence that can prove that Acai berry is effective for weight loss, if celebrity endorsements are true, what are the ways to identify a duplicate product, scam news or scam alerts issued by the Government or any other authoritative body, etc. For your convenience, here are some very important facts on Acai berry scams that everyone of us should know.


Antioxidant Rich Acai Berry Improves Overall Well-being

antiox richAcai berry was never recommended by the researchers as a fruit for weight loss. It’s a simple misconception that’s driving the worldwide population mad. There is no reason to think that an Acai berry extract can do a magic and help people lose fat, who were never able to do that before. If someone is saying so, you got to cross question. You need to ask what is there in this fruit which makes it so amazingly effective for weight loss? But to do that, you should be equally informed about what Acai berry is.

First of all, Acai berry is a simple berry type fruit. It can be found in the Brazilian rainforest. This fruit is a huge source of antioxidant and definitely doesn’t have any miracle weight reducing component. It’s the antioxidant that indirectly promotes natural weight loss gradually over the years. But one thing we can say for sure, taking an Acai berry supplement is definitely not a short term remedy for obesity. You need to be patient, take a good supplement for a very long time, and of course, you need to exercise. You’ll be able to lose weight only after continuing a healthy lifestyle for a considerably very long time.


Acai Berry Weight Loss Myths

Myth acai berryAs you now know that the Acai berry is not a weight loss fruit, don’t get hooked on to the berry cure. This is no short term obesity cure as the scammers try to showcase. Live an active life. The rule of calorie in and calorie out wins at the end.

According to the misconception, an Acai berry supplement is an appetite suppressant. No, it’s not. Acai berry has no exceptional properties except that it has fiber content, like any other fruits. Fiber keeps our hunger intensity in control. But for that, you’ve several other replacements. Fiber rich vegetables and fruits can be easily availed. No need to spend so much money on a hyped supplement. Sadly, scammers are making billions of dollars taking advantage of our ignorance.

Actually, there is really no short term way to achieve a healthy weight. Take weight loss as a long term plan. As we said earlier – Acai berry is an excellent source for antioxidants. And these antioxidants can help you get rid of the cell degeneration process, which ultimately is responsible for declining metabolism and absurd hormonal changes. So, if someone says to you that an Acai berry supplement can help you lose fat fast, that’s a scam. A person selling genuine Acai berry supplement will never say that.


How to Identify the Acai Berry Scams

acai_berry_indi_1306438721According to the opinion of a famous physician, Dr. Michael Greger, published on an eminent website,, a small dose of the Acai berry supplement can be beneficial for improving the immune cell functions. They also have the live footage of a clinical study which showed that an Acai berry supplement helped to prevent the attack of the cancerous cells. So, get over the Acai berry weight loss scams. This fruit is good for increasing energy, building the immune system and a healthy digestive system. So, how to identify the scams?

(a)   You should be suspicious about any type of Acai berry supplement advertisement, which says it guarantees fast weight loss. For example, if a company promises at least 10 – 25 pounds of weight loss in the first month, that’s absolutely fake.

(b)  You should not purchase weight loss supplements from any self proclaimed nutritionists or health advisors. Never get products that’s sold based on some one time offer, huge discounts,  or money back guarantee.

(c)   If you see a company is using some incomplete report or misusing a medical term, but doesn’t provide any complete reference of Government approval, that’s a case of fraud.

(d)  Never trust the free trial offers that ask for credit card or debit card details. If a company manages to get your account number, the same can be used to bill you for some other charges.

If you read the news of recent scams in some trusted sources, you’ll understand how the companies making false Acai berry weight loss promises are facing billion dollar lawsuits.


Celebrities Deny Fake Acai Berry Weight Loss Supplement Endorsements

shocking truth

Many Acai berry supplement advertisements, which show celebrity endorsements, have been found to be fake. Names of leading International celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Rachel Ray, Aisharya Rai and Katrina Kaif have been found to be allegedly involved. The name of Rachel Ray came into the limelight when an unauthorized body tried to sell a product called AcaiPure. Later the celebrity made a formal announcement making it clear that she never endorsed AcaiPure, or any other Acai berry related products ever. The same thing happened with Ms. Oprah Winfrey.


Imported Acai Berry Products Can Have Horrifying Side Effects

acai-berry-side-effectThe imported Acai berry supplements can be dangerous. If you don’t know the product manufacturer, it’s never reliable to buy it from any random merchandiser. Duplicate products are very hard to recognize. Ingredients of a product can be manipulated. A dishonest businessman can do that to increase the profit margin. There can be intense side effects if the product quality is not good. This is why we would recommend staying away from the Acai berry scams. We told you about the possible Acai berry frauds. Also, make a note of the signs we mentioned above.

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