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7 Weight Loss Scams in India

As per a study winter is one of the seasons when weight loss products mostly scam people, as this is the time when people like to lose weight from the comfort of their homes.

As India’s prepare for their winter weight loss goals they are bound to get scammed with some of the major weight loss scams happening in India at the moment. However with a little guidance and information in your hands you can be a better judge for yourself as to what works best for you and what is a weight loss scam!

From Toe Rings to Ayurvedic powders being endorsed by celebrities, there are many weight loss scams currently happening in India. Here is an exhaustive list of types of products you can easily avoid for weight loss in India:

1) Celebrity Endorsed Products

celebrity endorsed weight loss productsThere is a golden rules that don’t buy a product just by looking at the person who is endorsing it. The same holds true for weight loss products being sold in India. You will see a lot of products on Television and Internet, which will have celebrity endorsements on them.

Just don’t blindly buy because of the celebrity. They are being paid to lure you. Read the product contents and see if it has any scientific study to prove weight loss.

Also in many cases where Internet product are concerned it was reported that celebrity before & after images were used without there permission. One of the reported cases was from website named


2) Toe Rings

toe ring weight loss scams It is a set of silicon rings with magnets inside which is supposed to be worn around the big toe. Each of the ma
nets are supposed to work as acupressure to reduce weight naturally. However cool this may sound it is actually one of the biggest scams.

People are generally fooled because of the price, as it costs only around Rs 250 but the thing actually costs no more than Rs 10. Almost 99.99% people have reported not losing weight using this product and there is no website or study that suggests so.

Further it can only be uncomfortable for many users as you can’t wear a shoe or drive while wearing these.


3) Slim Sauna Belts

saunabelt-scam-indiaThis is probably the one that most of us have fallen for in the past. Sauna baths have a history of assisting in weight loss but that is mainly after a workout session to drain us unwanted fat.

Losing fat while using a belt that produces sauna steam is just not workable. Firstly it is worn around the tummy so only that area is exposed, what if you want to lose weight throughout your body? Secondly sauna baths are to carried out in closed environment which may not be possible at home. Thirdly the quality of Sauna Belts you get in India is so bad that some users have even reported Skin Burns while using them.

If you are willing to spend Rs 2000 for a Sauna belt then its better to spend that in Gym for a month, which will help you, lose much more than Sauna belts.


4) Fake Reviews on Ecommerce Sites

weight loss scams indiaWe have received various complains on our forum which suggest that most of the weight loss supplements being sold on websites like Amazon India, Snapdeal, Shopclues etc… are being fake reviewed by the sellers themselves.

Although Amazon India and others follow a very strict guideline for review posting but still many of sellers are having an agenda to rank their products at the top on Amazon with fake 5 star reviews. There is very little websites can do to stop these as sellers are hiring people to making multiple accounts and then posting a review.

Some of the good tips to catch a fake review are:

– Make sure the user is registered on the websites for quite some months if not years.
– Also see other product reviews they have posted. Most of the fake reviewers will post only one 5 star review for their own product & will then never open their account.
– It is advisable to follow reviews from top ranked reviewers only.

Some of the major products in India which have been reported for multiple fake reviews are:

– Wow Garcinia Cambogia
– Pure Garcinia Cambogia
– Green Coffee Max Extract
– Weight Loss Patch


5) Green Coffee Bean Scam

green coffee bean scam

This super food has not only scammed India but also a lot of other countries like USA, UK, Australia. This all started in the year 2010 when a well know doctor in USA named Dr. Oz stated in in television show that a study suggests that Green Coffee beans can help reduce 10% of your body weight.

Later it was found that the study was so flawed that it never took into account sample size, diet and other relevant conditions.

US courts later ordered Dr Oz to apologize for the claim and ordered the company behind the study to pay $3.5million as fines.

However till date this news is not being told by any news channel or newspaper in India. That is the only reason why people in India still continue to get scammed with Green Coffee Bean. These are mostly sold as capsules or raw green coffee beans on websites like Amazon, Shopclues and Snapdeal.


6) Slimming Creams

slimming creams scamsAny weight loss product that is not practical to lose weight is generally priced low so people do not think twice before buying it.

This is true for products like Toe Rings and Slimming Creams. They are just not meant to lose weight at all. There is no study or research that is being carried on these products that would suggest it helps lose weight or inches. They are simply making a fool of the Indian people and taking advantage of our weight loss insecurities.

Slimming creams are generally said to get rid of cellulite from thighs, tummy, arms etc… However these is no such ingredient that can help you reduce cellulite until & unless you stretch that body part regularly or go in for a cellulite reducing surgery.


7) Online Weight Loss Diets

diet scamDieting is good for weight loss but there is a problem with a weight loss diet. The same person who is dieting right now will go off that diet after a few days or months. You are then back to square one. Your ultimate goal is to have a combination or tools that will help you maintain that weight loss.

Then we see various nutritionists selling “personal” diet plans online, which are generally sent through email or whatsapp on daily or weekly basis. They claim that they have customized this diet plan according to your body but infact they have just shuffled the diet plan across users. All this information is readily available for you on the internet for free but they will charge you Rs 3000-5000/week.

To lose weight you need a will and commitment and not any PERSONAL diet chart to rip you off your hard earned money!

4 thoughts on “7 Weight Loss Scams in India

  • Priyanka

    August 8, 2017 at 7:37 pm

    How is morpheme natural slim as a weight loss management pill ??


    • Radhika Joshi

      January 16, 2018 at 6:28 am

      I have no knowledge about morpheme natural slim pills but in my suggestion you can take Expert Ayurveda’s Weight loss Product.There are two forms of kit first is weight expert kit and 2nd is Advance weight expert kit.both are very effective, and i think this is a easiest and fastest way to reduce weight in short period of time. i have used Advance weight expert kit.


      • Shalini

        January 30, 2018 at 9:45 am

        Hi Radhika,

        Read your comment on the Expert Ayurveda weight loss. Can u guide me is this beneficial. I read good reviews about NOFAT capsules how many kgs did u loose. Please guide me.


  • Piyush

    February 23, 2017 at 9:42 am

    Is slimnow weight reducing pills are authoriged or fake.


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