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NoFat Capsules
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Alli (Orlistat) Diet Pills
  • Manufactured by well known, GlaxoSmithKline.
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Raspberry Ketones
  • Minimal side effects
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which diet pills are best for indian women?

Identify which medicine is best in case of thyroid & PCOD !

no fat

Is Slim 24 pro the best diet suppliment in India?

Identify the truth in full honest review

no fat
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  • By Akhilesh kashyap on Slim Now Natural Power Cleanse I faced the same problem I received my order today. Have you tried it out yet? If so please tell me pzz refund my money
  • By Rajesh Rustagi on Slim Now Natural Power Cleanse Hey Guys, me and my wife are also being cheated by the same guys. Please let me involve if someone wants to fikle a suit against these fraud bastards.
  • By Anu on Slim Now Natural Power Cleanse Did they refund your money? Or you started taking that capsule?
  • By Anu on Slim Now Natural Power Cleanse Did they refund your money???
  • By Hira lal raina on Slim Now Natural Power Cleanse Slim now is a fake item no weight is lost even if green tea metabolic booster is taken with it.i was 78 kg before taking these and am 78 kg now .so people should not get deceaved by them.they are sqeesing money from us .i purchased slim nownatural power cleanse first at that time they did not mention me that green tea is also to be taken with it when i received natural power cleanse they told me it will have no effect without green tea metabolic i had to purchase that also.please dont purchase it instead you can give that money in charity.
  • By on Green Coffee Bean Scam Scam. Check pics of Sejal Vyas from be wow. They are using pics of different people with randomly selected names.
  • By Ankush Sharma on Slim Now Natural Power Cleanse Hi team I had purchase slim now capsule on 12-4-17 and take one capsule on daily basis but after one month i check my weight it was totally same as. So I cannot suggest anyone for use this product please all guys who see this feedback please don't ever buy product from slim now. My number is 9999985480 in case you need any detail.
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