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Best Weight Loss Medicines for Women

No matter what women do, they almost always find it difficult to shed those extra kilos. Why is it so difficult for women to knock off the flab? Well, there are some women-specific reasons why. Here they are:

AnxietySideEffectPregnancy: Women’s bodies are designed for reproduction, which means that they inherently have more fat, bigger fat cells and more enzymes to store fat. This means that their bodies are set to adapt to their becoming pregnant at some time in life.

Stress: If you, as a woman, are undergoing a lot of stress, it can result in weight gain. That’s because stress impacts the release of the hormone called Cortisol that builds fat in the stomach. This makes weight loss difficult.

Body metabolism: Women’s bodies are made up of 10% fatter than men have. Besides, men’s metabolic rate is faster than women’s, making burning calories and weight loss easier and faster for men, rather than women.

Thyroid: The thyroid controls the rate at which the body uses energy, manufactures proteins and controls the rate of body sensitivity to other hormones. An overactive thyroid leads to weight loss, while an underactive thyroid causes weight gain.

PCOS: Women suffer from a painful condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). It indicates that blood sugar content that leads to fat build-up in the waist and causes Type 2 diabetes.

Insulin: A lot of women suffer from insensitivity to insulin and diabetes, making converting sugar into fat very difficult for weight watchers. Weight gain, difficulty losing weight and fat storage in the stomach are all signs of Insulin Resistance.

Estrogen: Estrogen increases fat burning, keeping weight low, but after menopause, estrogen levels fall, causing weight gain. This means as women get older their power to burn fat reduces and therefore they need extra help from weight loss supplement.


Things to Keep In Mind When Choosing Weight Loss Medicine for Females

  • Choose a Medicine that is Herbal & Made of Natural Ingredients: It is very important that you choose a herbal medicine so it does not harm your body in any way. A female is a very important person of the family who has to take care of her husband & children. While losing weight she cannot afford to hurt her body with harmful side effects of medicine. You can see examples for some of these herbal medicine below.


herbal examples


  • Dont’t Suppress Your Appetite, Look for Fat Burners: There are some medicines available that suppress your appetite, however that is not a healthy option to chose as it can make you weak and low on energy throughout the day. Also once you leave these appetite suppressants your body will get used to it and it will regain weight again. Some of the good and bad examples of appetite suppressants are give below:


appetite suppressants examples


Losing weight for women in India is difficult but not impossible. With little restrictions on your diet couples with a boost of weight loss with a good herbal fat burner can help you lose weight safely and get back in shape quickly.

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This has been the best article so far for any women looking to lose weight. Thanks!

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